Amy Reetz


Having traveled throughout the U.S. on family trips and vicariously the world through her grandmother, (a world traveler and teacher of 37 years) Amy quickly learned that travel equates with education- and so her curiosity was peeked. Her education took her down the road of teaching and social services, now leading her to enjoy her past time of travel, having attended and escorted group and personal trips abroad with Julie. Her life has been based around education and personal growth- travel is both. Now, being an owner, the experiences have only grown into fun and endless learning opportunities while enjoying travel through the experiences of the great clientele we have been blessed with. None of this would have been possible without the support of her husband, Ken (of 33+ years and a local farmer in Vermillion/Iroquois Counties) and their 2 children.  Having grown up over 50+ years vacationing and visiting family in Door County has provided Amy with the comfort of a second home. Being fortunate to have a residence on Europe Lake and a satellite business at Gills Rock allows for the opportunity to provide quality full service travel opportunities to those residing in the Door County area. Having been to all 7 continents and 35+ countries, she can easily say that she hasn’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on her list!